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Bill MacCallum is a champion for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock. He was co-lead for the Blue Dot movement in the City of Kawartha Lakes. He presented to city council the idea of acknowledging the right of citizens to a clean and healthy environment in January. After studying the proposal, in March the city passed the declaration becoming only the second municipality in Ontario to do so. In May, Bill was awarded the Individual Environmental Award by the Ontario Secondary School Teacher's Federation.  This award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to greater environmental awareness and activism within the Federation and in the broader community.

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Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May

Since August 2006, it has been my honour to serve as the leader of the Green Party of Canada. The truth is the real leadership of this party is the grassroots—our membership—and above and beyond that, the values that inspire us all.

The Green Party is not like any of Canada’s other political parties. Our mission is to rescue grassroots democracy from the hyper-partisan spin that makes voters recoil. Our goal is to ensure that the planet, the biosphere and our part of it, survive and thrive for our children and theirs and theirs...