Health Care

In order to keep health care spending from continuing to skyrocket, we must find a way to control the cost of drugs. Currently 20% of our health care budget is spent on pharmaceuticals – and this is the area of health care in which costs are rising most quickly. The Harper Conservatives are not enforcing the law against industry-sponsored advertisements on prescription drugs. This drives up the demand unnecessarily. The Green Party would insist Health Canada enforce this law.

Based on recent studies, bulk buying prescription drugs would lower the cost of provincial delivery of health care. The Green Party's Pharmacare plan would expand and coordinate the patchwork of public and private plans that already provide drug insurance to 22 million Canadians. The program adopts the four key recommendations of the Pharmacare 2020 Report published on July 15, 2015: universal access to necessary medicines, fair distribution of prescription drug costs, safe and appropriate prescribing, and maximum health benefits per dollar spent.

The Green Party also believes that focussing on the prevention of illnesses and medical conditions is more cost-effective than focussing on responding with drugs. By moving more quickly towards a cleaner, post-carbon society, we will be healthier generally and our health care costs will decrease as a result.